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KLM V10 Twin Turbo Kit

We are excited to finally announce our next big task we have accepted to take on. We’ve always had a vision of entering the V10 market and bringing one of our quality KLM turbo kits to this platform. With making that decision we looked for the perfect shop car and found this amazing spec’d 2020 Audi R8 as the perfect candidate. We are excited to start the development process for the KLM V10 Twin Turbo Kits. As the process is underway we will update our social media platforms with the latest news on the progress. Stay tuned, we are just beginning!

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Progress Updates


We took a trip down to Pelham, AL to pick up our 2020 Audi R8 AWD shop car. Not only was this beyond exciting, it was a big step for us at KLM. We have a ways to go before a kit is ready for customers, but we are excited for the journey to begin now that one of the first/hardest step is out of the way, securing a quality vehicle for development.


We started the process of designing a completely unique intake manifold that would stand apart from what is currently available to the V10 market. We started the machining process after we came to a design we are happy with and know will exceed customer expectations!


We finally started the tear down of the Audi R8! Other development projects had to get wrapped up before we could focus our attention on the KLM V10 TT Kits, but we finally have the time! Just before one of our biggest events where we can display the kit, WCF.


Welds on the exhaust setup for the V10 TT kit. We got the turbos mocked up on the car and the exhaust setup dialed in. Next steps will be getting everything back onto the R8 and finishing up the Billet Intake Manifolds.


Finishing up the exhaust setup on the R8 before moving into the next phase of the kit development.
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